Greetings from Asheville Cyclocross!We are well on our way for the 2016 season, completing the third of our August Bent Creek Park Wednesday Night Cross Clinics last night.

We had an enthusiast group patrolling the wet grass of the park under the guidance of Tristan Cowie, learning the finer points of barriers, shouldered carries on run-ups, apexing the shrinking radius turn of wet grass and off camber drills.

Please join us for the remaining Wednesday evenings in August at 6pm.

2016 Race Schedule:
Sept. 3, Bent Creek Community Park
Oct. 2, REEBellion at Oskar Blues REEB Ranch
Oct. 9, Pisgah Brewing
Nov. 19 (tentative), Mars Hill University (this is tentative and may have a different schedule to accommodate the collegiate races)

Please note our new Womens B and Juniors categories.

Category Start Times:
10:30 – Beginner women and juniors 12-15 (20 minutes)
11:00 - Womens B and Beginner men (30 minutes)
11:45 – Mens B (40 minutes)
12:45 – Kids under 12
1:30 – Womens A and Master men (40 minutes)
2:30 – Mens A (50 minutes)

Race Fees:
Our race fee remains $20, with a $5 “day of” premium if you have not preregistered. The kids race and juniors 12-15 will both be free, but we do require juniors to register.

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