2010 Southeast Michigan Mid-Market Group Benefits Study released McGraw Wentworth.

The annual survey, in its seventh year now, tracks health advantages and trends in 2010 2010 among 414 Michigan organizations with 100-10 southeast,000 employees. The study shows Michigan employers moving from rich benefit amounts to amounts on par with national benchmarks traditionally. Highlights of the study results display that: Michigan companies are making dramatic adjustments in plan design including more cost-shifting to employees in the form of increased payroll contributions, deductibles, and co-pays;Increased availability of/enrollment in Consumer Driven Health Plans where employees assume higher financial and health care purchasing responsibility. In 2010 2010, 23 percent of companies — – in comparison to 19 percent in 2009 2009 — – are providing CDHPs; 4 percent make CDHPs the only real offering.From there, with support from your own friends and family anything is possible. Maybe not necessarily easy but definitely possible.

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