2015 Mountain Sports Festival

Well year number 5 of being part of the Mountain Sports Festival came and went this past weekend, and once again we had  good support locally and regionally. We were treated to some perfect weather with temps. in the mid 70′s and low humidity. Overall the total number of racers attending this year was a little lower than previous years but we still had some great talent and exciting racing that went off through the evening. The beginners racing was quite entertaining with some folks getting a taste of racing cross for the first time ever, and getting acquainted with our sand pit for better or worse. The men’s B race provided our biggest field of the night. The women’s A race started 30 seconds behind them and in that race we had our local pro racer Erica Zaveta who has been doing a full road season honor us with her presence. In what might have been a route she had her hands full with a Chapel Hill racer named Carla Williams. Those two ladies cut their way through the entire mens B field, the only one they did not catch was the leader of the B race who shall go nameless but was sandbagging like crazy. In the end Erica threw a final lap dig that was able to gap off Carla who rolled in for a well deserved 2nd place. In our Men’s A race we had some great regional riders show up. Long time cross stalwart’s Alex Ryan and Tristan Cowie representing Mock Orange showed up to play. The young up and comer Jordan Lewis riding for Cycle Smart came over the mountain to show his legs. From the get go Jordan went to the front of the first full lap of the track attacking hard. Being that it is the month of May not everyone is 100% in cyclocross shape and the effort Jordan put in might have been a little much. The veteran’s Alex and Tristan sat back as Jordan punched himself out, and when they saw he was done with his effort they both went to the front and put Jordan and the rest of the field on the back foot. It soon became the Mock Orange show with Alex and Tristan trading pulls and measuring their efforts. Another local rider, Reid Beloni attacked out of chase group and went in search of the two leaders. Half way through the race everyone knew who was going to be on the first two steps of the podium as the Mock Orange duo grew their lead lap after lap. It was now a race for the 3rd spot. Beloni was giving his best to hold out for that last spot but Jordan Lewis got his second wind and started to close the gap to Beloni. With 1 and half laps remaining Jordan made contact with Beloni. Beloni was blown from his previous effort and Jordan went straight over the top and took the final podium spot. That still left us with 1st and 2nd battle. In the end Alex Ryan out sprinted Tristan to the line for a Mock Orange 1-2 finish. The podium finishers were treated to home made bread and local “shine”. All and all a good night of racing and great community support. We are looking forward to this years cross season,so stayed tuned for when we release our full race schedule. Cheers from AVLCX.. Nationals 2016!!!!!