3 million of malaria medicines stolen By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Which will cost lives. It has called collectively other funders of medications for people in developing countries in December to devise programs to prevent thefts of medications in Africa and somewhere else, Liden said. One of the plans include hiring new protection companies to guard the medicines and setting up distribution centers on a short-term basis to operate in place of government-run systems in countries where theft is certainly suspected, he said.The conception date was estimated from the time of the last menstrual period or from the gestational-age assessment on ultrasonography. Contraceptive-method failure was thought as conception that occurred during a period when the contraceptive technique was used. We excluded conception that occurred after a participant stopped using a method due to a desire to conceive . Information regarding periods of contraceptive make use of, including start and stop dates, was collected from 3 sources: scheduled telephone interviews; pharmacy data attained from the partner pharmacy where participants obtained pills, patch, or band; and the participant contraceptive-method log, which documented inside our research records when the participant initiated or discontinued use of a way or switched to some other method .