A DNA-based vaccine displays promise against avian flu Though it has fallen from the news.

Such a vaccine, which includes plasmid DNA that’s been genetically modified to elicit specific immune responses, is much easier to quickly modify and produce – critical advantages when racing to prevent an epidemic. Related StoriesNew research examines previously unknown secret to DNA repairEntirely brand-new enzymatic process of DNA synthesisESCMID, ESWI demand increased flu vaccination insurance coverage amongst health care professionalsHo and his collaborators first had to handle virus specificity: Because H5N1 viruses are incredibly different, and mutate fast, the researchers made a consensus sequence that integrated all of the conserved parts of the gene encoding the virus’s outer protein.For mortality at day time 70 and at time 182, we also performed an modified Cox regression evaluation with the next prespecified covariates : age group, sex, log-quantitative fungal count, Glasgow Coma Scale score , CD4 cell count, hemoglobin level, serum sodium level, log CSF white-cell count, and CSF opening pressure. The proportions of patients with good disability status on time 70 and on day 182 were compared among groups with the use of a logistic-regression model. The decline in the log CSF quantitative fungal count in the 1st 2 weeks was estimated by way of longitudinal measurements throughout that period and a linear mixed-effects model with an interaction term between the treatment group and research day.