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Alexian Brothers Health System acquires primary treatment medical group in suburban Chicago Alexian Brothers Health Program , a member of Ascension, the nation's largest Catholic and nonprofit health program, is expanding its network of primary care physicians with the acquisition of a long-standing primary care and attention medical group in suburban Chicago. The Feb. 1 acquisition of The HEALTH CARE Group, with a total of 20 internists and pediatricians at six locations, will increase access to primary care services for residents of suburban communities offered by ABHS, stated Kimberly Zimmermann, Chief Operating Officer of Alexian Brothers Medical Group , a physician network operated and owned by ABHS. The acquisition may be the largest primary care and attention medical group acquisition by ABHS in terms of the number of physicians and locations involved.Your body is simply experiencing withdrawal from your previous diet plan of meats and sweets. Upping your liquid intake shall help flush your kidneys and clean your system faster. Be sure you drink at least 64 ounces of nonchemical liquids daily. Water is an excellent choice. When water seems boring, add noncaloric flavorings such as for example instant tea. Study a food list to understand which raw foods contain the most vitamins and minerals. Concentrate on adding those to your diet every day. Remember that B vitamins are not stored by your body. They need to be taken every full day, either by means of a commercial preparation or in specific foods such as for example wheat and bran germ.