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‘Detrimental and frequently undetected until serious, undernutrition undermines the survival, growth and advancement of children and ladies, and it diminishes the strength and capability of nations,’ the survey said, adding that 80 % of children experiencing stunted growth live in 24 countries .’ She stated, ‘More than one third of kids who die from pneumonia, diarrhea and other ailments could have survived had they not been undernourished,’ Agence France-Presse reports . ‘UNICEF said that countries with the highest prevalence of stunted development among children beneath the age group of five include Afghanistan , Yemen , Guatemala and East Timor , Democratic Republic of the Congo and North Korea ,’ Reuters reports . The report discovered that ‘[m]ore than half of the world’s chronically undernourished kids beneath the age of 5 reside in South Asia,’ the Associated Press/MSNBC reports.Needle-exchange system continues to reduce the real number of new instances of HIV among injection drug users in the city. The study authors explained that the needle-exchange program is relatively inexpensive at $650,000 a full year, and provides injection drug users with an increase of than just usage of clean needles. People in this program can get an HIV test, free condoms and access to a regular way to obtain health care, including referrals for medication addiction lab tests and treatment that can detect other infectious diseases, such as for example hepatitis, according to history details in the news release.