A Vaccine for Cocaine Addicts?

It clearly demonstrates. That it’s possible to create vaccine that could hinder cocaine actions in the brain, said Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which funded the scholarly study. The results come simply days after that government agency announced programs for the initial late-stage study of an experimental nicotine vaccine designed to help people stop smoking. The NicVAX vaccine has been fast-tracked by the Food and Drug Administration, and the study will be paid for with federal stimulus money. The cocaine and nicotine vaccines both use the same strategy, stimulating the immune system to create antibodies that attach to molecules of the medicines and block them from reaching the brain. In the new research, cocaine-fighting antibodies helped prevent users from obtaining a euphoric high and led nearly 40 % of these to substantially cut back or stop cocaine make use of at least temporarily.Genomewide approaches are increasingly used to identify genetic predisposing factors for drug-induced hypersensitivity reactions and drug-induced liver injury.4 This finding led the FDA to require a warning label for carbamazepine to indicate the necessity for genotyping for HLA-B*1502 prior to the drug is prescribed.9-12 Utilizing a candidate-gene approach, previous studies have shown weak or moderate indicators of association between maculopapular exanthema or the Outfit syndrome and single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the main histocompatibility complex region,13-15 and these associations haven’t been consistently replicated.org).