Accelerating progress in the development of vaccines This full week the Elsevier Journal Vaccine.

‘Together with ON24, the global head in webcasting and digital events solutions, we were able to produce an interactive environment where delegates could gain access to educational information and collaborate with peers irrespective of physical boundaries, said Nigel Clair, Industrial Director of Elsevier, ‘furthermore, people who registered can still access this content for another 3 months’. Sign up for the Vaccine Virtual Congress is still possible and free ( ‘As a professional congress organizer Elsevier is certainly always looking to provide delegates an excellent environment to listen to presentations, network with peers and access rich information’, said Nigel, ‘particularly, we will continue to strengthen our romantic relationship with the important vaccine community and I currently look forward to another Vaccine Global Congress which will be held early October 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand’.The earlier pain is ministered to, the simpler it will be to handle it throughout your cancer treatments. If you experience pain that’s unrelated to your malignancy diagnosis, it is necessary for the best solution to stop the discomfort before you begin your treatment. For example, arthritis pain prevention can be found through physical therapy periods, water therapy or oral medications. If a patient suffers from malignancy in the spinal cord, he or she might need to find out about back and throat pain control. This kind of pain occurs because the malignancy causes the spinal cord to compress, causing sharpened pains in the relative back and neck regions. Locating the proper method can help you with discomfort control, particularly when you suffer from cancer.