According to research conducted by University of Kentucky neuroscientists.

Unlike the pet control group given no ALC, which regained just slight hindlimb motions, the group treated with ALC recovered hindlimb movements more quickly and were able to stand on all limbs and walk a month later on. Critically, such extraordinary recovery was correlated with significant cells sparing at the damage site following administration of ALC. Because ALC can be administered orally, and is normally well-tolerated at fairly high doses in human beings, researchers think that their discovery could be translated easily to scientific practice as an early intervention for those who have traumatic spinal cord injuries.As the study found an association between alcohol use and the deaths of many U.S. Adults, it wasn’t made to prove that alcohol directly caused those deaths. To arrive at the finding, experts used a tool referred to as the Alcohol-Related Disease Effect software to estimate which deaths were because of alcohol, also to look at how the true numbers differed among states. The study estimated the number of deaths related to alcohol per yr in the usa from 2006 through 2010. Stahre’s team also estimated years of potential life lost, finding that extreme drinking shortened the lives of those who died by about 30 years.