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‘Our relationship can be another demonstration that venture philanthropy money can offer a critical catalyst for innovative drug discovery analysis conducted by biotechnology companies such as MSDC.’ Earlier this year, MSDC reported a Phase IIa medical trial in type 2 diabetic patients showed that MSDC-0160 can improve insulin response and lower glucose in people with type 2 diabetes without making the weight gain seen with presently marketed PPAR-activating insulin sensitizers. MSDC-0160 and MSDC’s additional insulin sensitizers sort out a novel target discovered by the business’s founders while minimizing PPAR activation. Numerous scientific tests have shown a connection between type 2 diabetes, cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.While many people know that vitamin D is necessary to help the physical body absorb calcium, which helps create solid muscles and bones, many have no idea that insufficient levels of this important vitamin may lead to other health problems.D., senior medical director, Diagnostics, Abbott. To greatly help physicians manage developing demand for vitamin D testing, Today it filed a submission for clearance by the U Abbott announced.S. Food and Medication Administration for a fully automated vitamin D assay performed on its trusted ARCHITECT testing program.