If not for this site, me & most people would never meet another Addison’s individual. Everyone is loving and considerate. You can ask people and anything will respond.’ – – Member – Penny AddisonsDisease.Net is a reliable innovator in online Addison’s disease support and a valuable tool for individuals, caregivers, nurses and doctors worldwide.. AddisonsDisease.Net celebrates ten years of service Teleplexus, Inc. Is very happy to announce the ten-calendar year anniversary of AddisonsDisease.Net, its premier Addison’s disease support reference. Born by design on New Year’s Time in 2002, AddisonsDisease.Net began service upon this full day which is seen around the world as a time of renewal and optimism.Patients with negative PET results were randomly assigned, in a 1:1 ratio, to get 30 Gy of involved-field radiotherapy or no more treatment. Block randomization was performed at the Cancer Study University and UK College London Cancer Trials Center; no stratification factors were used. Sufferers with positive PET findings received a fourth routine of ABVD and involved-field radiotherapy. After completion of the assigned treatment, patients underwent routine scientific evaluation every three months in year 1, every 4 months in season 2, every 6 months in year 3, and annually thereafter. A CT scan was obtained at 6, 12, and two years, but beyond that there were no protocol-mandated CT scans. Study Oversight The authors designed the scholarly study, and they attest to the accuracy of the data and fidelity to the protocol, that is available with the full text of this article at