Africas football leaders earn UAM recognition for combating malaria On World Malaria Time Today.

Over 10 million workers have already been reached through Malaria Safe initiatives. UAM Bracelet: Raising Funds to Fight Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Poverty The colourful UAM beaded bracelet has become a symbol of the winning fight malaria; over 350,000 have been sold. In addition to raising money for mosquito nets in sub-Saharan Africa, the bracelets provide a much-needed income for the HIV affected people in South Africa who produce them, an employment project of the Relate Trust. Nando’s is a leader in the development and distribution of the bracelet and extra corporate companions, such as Standard Lender, have purchased a large number of bracelets for workers as a pledge of support..At 3, 12, and two years after transplantation, concomitant protocol-specified renal-allograft biopsies had been performed. The resistive index was also measured when transplant recipients underwent biopsies due to severe or subacute graft dysfunction. Pretransplantation biopsies had been performed in a subgroup of patients. All data were gathered during the routine scientific follow-up of the transplant recipients. All patients provided written informed consent to make use of their medical data for study purposes. Resistive-index measurements and concomitant biopsies were not performed, or had been excluded from the analyses, when elements were present on the day of ultrasonography that could influence the resistive-index measurement; these included radiographically significant renal-artery stenosis ,17 hydronephrosis, and perirenal-fluid selections with marked compression.