AGA Medical commences enrollment in AMPLATZER Cardiac Plug clinical trial AGA Medical Holdings.

AGA Medical commences enrollment in AMPLATZER Cardiac Plug clinical trial AGA Medical Holdings, Inc. Dr . William Nicholson, an interventional cardiologist and structural heart specialist at York Hospital in Pennsylvania, enrolled the initial patient. These strokes are from the still left atrial appendage – a small structure off the left atrium of the heart – where bloodstream can pool. The current standard of care is to treat these individuals with anticoagulants , which are tough to tolerate for many individuals and carry a threat of serious problems, such as for example bleeding. This clinical research is evaluating the basic safety and efficacy of the AMPLATZER Cardiac Plug to close the remaining atrial appendage and prevent stroke in AF sufferers in comparison to warfarin, the most-recommended, blood-thinning medicine.

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