AGA Research Base receives grant for gastroenterology research Today.

AGA Research Base receives grant for gastroenterology research Today, the American Gastroenterological Association announced that Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. Provides a $1.5 million unrestricted grant to the AGA Research Foundation endowment. This grant to the AGA Research Foundation endowment money discoveries and analysis in gastroenterology, and supports young investigators over the United States. The AGA Research Basis provides research grants to investigators in hepatology and gastroenterology. The foundation's grants transform young experts' lives by encouraging them to embark on and continue careers in research. Many eventually make discoveries that improve individual care.Separation stress occurs when parents leave a babies’ sight, resulting in great distress with crying and fussing. Separation anxiety usually peaks between ages 9-18 months and fades before their second birthday. Stranger panic is a reaction of distress with a child encounters a stranger. By the end of this period, most babies reach the following milestones: Motor Skills Gets in and out of a sitting placement Gets independently on hands-and-knees placement and crawlsPulls personal up to standing position, walks holding on to furniture, stands without support and, eventually, takes a few measures without support and starts to walkUses pincer grasp Places objects into container and will take them out of container Begins to accomplish more functional activities, such as for example hold a spoon or switch webpages in a written publication Language Skills Says ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and uses these conditions specifically referring to a parent Uses exclamations such as ‘oh-oh!’ Tries to imitate words and may say first phrase Uses basic gestures, such as shaking head for ‘no’ or waving for ‘bye-bye’ Has interactive gesture games, such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake Social/Emotional Skills Easily finds hidden objects Uses objects correctly such as for example holding telephone up to drinking or ear from a cup Is shy around strangersCries when mom or dad leaves.

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