Almac acquires high-acceleration blister line for new Audubon packaging facility Almac.

Enhancing product compliance, the line will include a complete Quality Control Center incorporating a checkweigher and integrated printing and vision system for car – rejection of incorrect printing / serialisation data including 2D codes. The blister range will complement the entire suite of highly versatile and state of the art industrial packaging equipment already installed in the new Audubon service. Supporting high quantity marketed products to market/orphan drug launches, additional key technologies include bottling, walleting and vial labelling/packaging. Geoff Sloan, VP Manufacturing Operations explained that the partnership with Uhlmann, one of the leading US pharmaceutical equipment suppliers, was an all natural choice: ‘Uhlmann could actually offer us with a flexible, high-spec blistering range to complement our US client requirements for a superior quality, flexible commercial packaging alternative.’ Ralf Klotz, Regional Sales Manager at Uhlmann, added ‘the construction and installation of this equipment proved to be a great task.Since at least the first 1980s, in fact it is certainly true in the U.S. Aswell. to impart a reimbursement incentive for physician and hospital suppliers who demonstrate the meaningful use of an EHR. ‘eClinicalWorks has a solid track record with the unique requirements of community health centers,’ stated Girish Kumar Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. ‘As the biggest primary physician practice in Southwest Georgia, Albany Area Primary HEALTHCARE is committed to providing the best treatment to its patients across many areas of their health coverage.