AMICAS announces launch of its Radiology Information System Version 5.

‘Today, radiology methods are taking a fresh appear at how they are operating their businesses,’ said Paul Merrild, senior vice president of marketing and business advancement at AMICAS. ‘AMICAS’ concentrate on providing extensive radiology automation solutions might help these practices and imaging enterprises streamline every part of their workflow, that allows them to focus on growing their businesses.’.. AMICAS announces launch of its Radiology Information System Version 5.5 at the 2009 2009 RBMA AMICAS, Inc. , a leader in picture and information administration solutions, will start AMICAS RIS Version 5.5 at RBMA’s 2009 Fall Educational Meeting in Chandler, AZ, from 11 to 13 October.People can be exposed to flame retardants through a number of ways, including diet; customer products in the true home, car, and workplace; and house dirt. ‘Using crystallography allows us to visualize just how these compounds can interact with the body's enzymes,’ said Lars Pedersen, Ph.D., Collaborative X-ray Crystallography Group leader at NIEHS. ‘Our results exposed TBBPA binding to the estrogen sulfotransferase at the same placement and in a similar manner as estradiol binds.’ ‘Although there is much even more to be learned all about how these chemicals and their metabolites influence different systems in the body, every piece of the puzzle assists increase our knowledge of the effects they might have.’ Researchers, like Pedersen and Birnbaum, hope the findings will be used by companies to develop more secure alternatives to current flame retardants.

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