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Although early, the study stands highlights the concept that chemotherapy alone does not cure a significant number of primary breast cancer patients, and provides us a sign for a new line of therapeutic intervention that focuses on new biological brokers that target cancers stem cells, said Cristofanilli, also a senior author on the study. The study also presents a strong case for obtaining bone marrow specimens from locally advanced breasts cancer patients undergoing surgery after neo-adjuvant therapy, with the explanation that it shall result in better monitoring of patients who may need additional treatment. Such research are ongoing in collaboration with Anthony Lucci currently, M.D., associate professor in the Department of Surgery, also an author on the study, Reuben said.To 5:00 p.m. Title of the scientific abstract: The IBAT inhibitor A3309 – A Promising Treatment option for Patients with Chronic Idiopathic Constipation Name of the abstract describing preclinical findings: The IBAT inhibition by A3309 – A potential mechanism for the treatment of constipation Related StoriesScripps Florida researchers earn $2.4 million to increase development of new suffering therapies The results show that A3309 was found to be secure and well tolerated and recognized clear signs of enhancing colonic motility and bowel habits, stated Magnus Simren, Principal Investigator . We are excited about the outcomes of the trial, which confirms the potential that A3309 will advantage all those patients experiencing constipation and abdominal pain/soreness who are refractory to OTC drugs, stated Hans Graffner, Chief Medical Officer at Albireo.