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Under the agreement, both celebrations shall contribute funding for the project but ABT-CHANGHUA has initial right to file patent applications. ‘The Company’s bio-degradable, bio-absorbable materials are being put on orthopaedic trauma treatment, and the Company has been seeking opportunities and cooperative partners to expand its potential use for several new medical procedures. The cooperation with GDPU Hospital indicates that our PA products and systems are being identified by Doctors and Experts from other medical fields. This has produced another dimension in the application of our PA bio-absorbable products and technologies. The Company and the Hospital are working carefully to ensure the lab tests are conducted based on the SFDA recommendations and procedures therefore we can rapidly progress into these new clinical trials,’ stated Ms.Some recommend teas with Echinacea or goldenseal Alternatively. Exercise and rest are also important choice treatments for acne, as the physical body needs to be at its peak. While alternative acne remedies are controversial, especially with doctors, their success depends extremely on the average person and the amount of acne they suffer from.

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