Cancer survivors are current smokers.

Cancer survivors are current smokers, shows study Nine years following diagnosis, 9.3 % of U.S. Cancers survivors had been current smokers and 83 % of the individuals were daily smokers who averaged 14.7 cigarettes each day, according to a report in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Study . ‘We need to follow up with cancer survivors long after their diagnoses to see if they are still smoking and offer appropriate counseling, interventions, and feasible medications to greatly help them quit,’ stated Lee Westmaas, PhD, director of tobacco research at the American Malignancy Society and lead writer of the study.As such, . We urge FWS to conduct a timely review to determine if protections under the Endangered Species Act are warranted, they said. We are motivated by the early voluntary measures that have started restoring milkweed, they continuing, but these efforts will likely be insufficient if the root factors behind the monarch’s decline remain unaddressed. They further urged Obama to end up being bold in his actions. Monsanto could have the final say Some have said the effort, while noble, is usually a lost trigger probably. It’s hard to imagine that anything short of a phase-out of herbicide-tolerant crops will save the monarch, stated GMWatch, in citing the letter.