Depression Often Go Together: Study: THURSDAY.

Another skin doctor had a different take on the association between psoriasis and depression. While profound worries about self-image likely are likely involved, unhappiness risk could also have deep physiological roots, said Dr. Gary Goldenberg, an assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn College of Medication at Mount Sinai in NEW YORK. ‘The more we know, the even more it becomes apparent that psoriasis is not just a skin disease, but a systemic condition associated with all sorts of other medical issues,’ Goldenberg said. ‘And this study just gives us a new level of proof that this thinking is in fact correct.’ Noting it’s possible that major depression and psoriasis discuss the same pathways, Goldenberg said the next logical step in psoriasis treatment is to see in the event that the drugs used to take care of psoriasis also have a direct effect on depression.Jon LaPook explains the group’s recommendation in the video above and talks about a fresh class of cholesterol-lowering medications that have been discovered to dramatically reduce heart attack risk.

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