Diabetes Requires a Toll on Womens Hearts: MONDAY.

The researchers discovered that women with diabetes had a 38 % greater threat of heart attack or angina than men with diabetes did. The next study included data from hospitals over the Tuscan region of Italy. The information was collected between 2005 and 2012. The scholarly study included more than 3 million people, the researchers said. Forty-seven % had been male. The Italian researchers, led by Dr. Giuseppe Seghieri of the Regional Wellness Agency in Florence, discovered that females with diabetes had a 34 % greater risk of heart attack than males with diabetes.This ongoing work is complete in a paper titled, ‘Cellular uptake of functionalized carbon nanotubes is usually independent of functional group and cell type.’ An abstract of this paper is offered by the journal’s website. Watch abstract.. AMPS, TC3 announce affiliate marketer partnership to expand health care cost containment offerings Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions and TC3 Wellness, Inc. recently announced an affiliate partnership to expand the health care cost containment offerings of both companies. TC3 is the premier company of fraud, abuse and waste detection providers for healthcare payers throughout the United Claims. TC3’s TruClaim platform includes: proprietary rules-based fraud diagnostics; clinical code edit compliance and advanced duplicate recognition technology; a robust suspect provider watch list; web-protection portal; CaseTracker software program to automate and manage investigations and additional fraud management functions, and a staffed investigative device to carry out rational and defensible fraud completely, abuse and waste investigations.