Especially adolescents.

Acne Might Worsen in Winter season – Learn how to Avoid the Problem Acne is a nightmare for some of the population, especially adolescents, given that this is what she gains even more strength . It is because during puberty the skin’s sebaceous glands are more active and its production is excessive. In addition, the skin pores become clogged causing the formation of collections of pus. ‘During this period, the disease tends to manifest itself by the formation of’ spikes ‘or’ pimples ‘that outcomes from the interaction between hormones, skin oils and bacteria. The big problem is usually that the sebum created dries and bacteria accumulate in pores often, thus stopping these glands get out of the follicle.

There have been some promises that the oral type of this product could cause liver damage, although these statements remain unproven. 5) Products which contain salicylic acid. Among the better known solutions for pimples, salicylic acid-containing formulas work by sloughing off lifeless skin cells to avoid them from blocking the skin pores. The main problem with these solutions is that they can trigger dryness, skin inflammation and so are deemed too strong for some patients, especially anyone who has sensitive skin. It is not recommended to people who have dry skin because it can perform more harm than good.