Gender Doesnt Impact Hamstring Strain Recovery Period: TUESDAY

Gender Doesn’t Impact Hamstring Strain Recovery Period: – TUESDAY, Aug. 18, 2015 – – Recovery time is comparable for male and feminine college soccer players who’ve strained their hamstrings, but different factors affect their readiness to return to play, a fresh study finds . Multiple factors may influence the return-to-play time after a personal injury, research author Kevin Cross, UVA-HealthSouth in Charlottesville, Va., stated in a National Athletic Trainers’ Association news release. Our findings may help to shape right strategies to prevent injury in the first place or even to rehab the injury for efficient and effective return to participation. Prevention applications to reduce the incidence and severity of hamstring strains should focus on sport-specific training and position-specific training to replicate the demands of participation, he concluded.

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