Headed by Ignacio Moreno-Torres.

Up to now, eleven children have taken part or are along the way of being included in the project. Of these, seven received the implant at San Cecilio University Clinical Medical center and four at Las Palmas University Hospital. A total of nine data collections are made with respect to each young child; the first prior to implantation and the others beginning a complete month and a half following the date of activation.For EMS workers, neither the duration of function nor arrival period was associated with the FEV1 significantly. Figure 4Figure 4Abnormal Lung Function in Firefighters and Emergency-Medical-Services Employees Who Had Hardly ever Smoked and Who Worked at the Globe Trade Center Site through the First 2 Weeks after 9/11. Displays, among firefighters and EMS employees who had under no circumstances smoked and who have been present at the Globe Trade Center site in the first 2 weeks after 9/11, the proportion whose FEV1 values were below the lower limit of the standard range or below 70 percent of the predicted worth at each 6-month interval.