Jong-Hyeon Jeong.

In 2000 September, after five deaths were reported among individuals assigned to the concurrent-Take action regimen, the doses because of this regimen were modified the following: doxorubicin at a dose of 50 mg per square meter, cyclophosphamide at a dosage of 500 mg per square meter, and docetaxel at a dose of 75 mg per square meter. Initially, individuals with ER-positive tumors, PR-positive tumors, or both received 20 mg of tamoxifen daily for 5 years starting concurrently with chemotherapy. In October 2002 required tamoxifen treatment following the completion of chemotherapy An amendment; furthermore, anastrozole was allowed in postmenopausal women.Flow cytometry tests. Using markers on leukemia cells collected from the blood, bone marrow, and/or CSF, doctors can determine the type of leukemia a child has. That is important because treatments vary among different types of leukemia. Chromosomal tests. By examining DNA from bone or blood marrow, doctors can check for the specific genetic changes that identify the various subtypes of AML. This is important because treatment can vary greatly based on which AML subtype a kid has. Tissue typing or HLA typing. If a child requires a stem cell transplant , this check helps doctors find a ideal stem cell donor.