Joseph Schoepf.

This year 2010, the age-adjusted prevalence of cardiovascular system disease was 6.5 % among African Americans, compared to 5.8 % among Caucasians.D., from the Institute of Clinical Nuclear and Radiology Medication, University Medical Center Mannheim, Heidelberg University, Germany. Results showed that as the prevalence of significant stenosis, or narrowing of the coronary ducts, and plaque was comparable in Caucasian and African-American patients, African-American patients had much less fats around their hearts. The results, Drs. Apfaltrer and Schoepf say, are unexpected, given the higher number of cardiac and metabolic disorders among African People in america despite presence of less fat in the chest cavity.Food and Drug Administration ‘s pediatric testing incentive for medicines, that provides six-month patent extensions to drug companies who conduct medical trial on children after those drugs have been accepted. The FDA, quite simply, is in fact encouraging drug companies to test oftentimes dangerous and extremely addictive drugs on children by dangling a patent expansion carrot before their noses. How come the FDA do this? According to the agency, testing medicines on children helps to bridge the ‘pediatric understanding gap’ of how medicines that are accepted for adults perform in kids. Since doctors often prescribe medicines ‘off label’ to children, the FDA considers aftermarket screening on kids to be good for society , as much as 40 Us citizens die every single day, which translates into about 15,000 each year, because of overdosing on prescription painkillers like OxyContin (..