More common than erectile dysfunction.

ALZA Corporation obtained rights to develop and commercialize dapoxetine under an contract among ALZA, Pharmaceutical Item Development, Inc., and its subsidiary, GenuPro, Inc., in January 2001. Under the contract, ALZA acquired the proper to build up and commercialize dapoxetine for urogenital indications, including premature ejaculation, on an internationally basis. ALZA and Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Advancement, L.L.C., are developing dapoxetine and will look for approval from regulatory authorities around the global world.And this business needs you to comply with government regulations to be able to continue serving women’s needs and earning money. Because you certainly are a businessman, you possess that unfortunate responsibility to your business, your staff, as well as your patients. Well, it depends on your perspective actually. If you think that is clearly a hard job you are doing, your situation will be unfortunate then. But hey, you chose to be in that business, right? The best thing you can do at this moment is to move with the flow.