Potentially making them more potent.

The manufacturers of cancer vaccines wish to activate the dendritic cells, expose them to the tumor antigens and reinject them into patients. Once in the body, they would migrate to the lymph nodes where they connect to specific disease fighting capability operatives called T-cells, activating them to strike the cancer. However, the procedure can take so long as a day, reducing the period during which the dendritic cells are energetic and may accomplish their work. Nevertheless, utilizing a drug that outcomes in the linking of two similar molecules , Spencer and colleagues discovered that they could wait before dendritic cells got to the lymph nodes to activate them.‘It could be that in allergic people, higher levels of circulating antibodies may stimulate the disease fighting capability, and that could lower the chance of glioma,’ said lead study writer Judith Schwartzbaum in a press statement. ‘Absence of allergy may be the strongest risk factor identified so far for this brain tumor, and there continues to be more to understand about how this association works.’ Schwartzbaum and group explain that some prior studies have recommended an inverse link between levels of IgE and glioma risk, but findings have general been inconsistent.