President of the American Medical Association : Today.

There is bipartisan agreement that the current program is broken, and AMA will continue to work closely with policymakers on a long-term solution that helps physicians continue to look after seniors today and in the foreseeable future. It’s very clear that 2011 is the season to finally repair this problem, this January because of their health coverage as the baby boomers begin relying on Medicare. .. AMA commends President Obama for dedication to one-calendar year delay of Medicare cut into law AMA President Attends Oval Office Bill Signing The next statement is due to Cecil B.At the same time, critics and opponents will be watching carefully or testing the machine searching for new cracks . Meanwhile, in terms of the numbers the website has handled up to now – Bloomberg: Obamacare Site Sign-Ups THOUGHT TO Reach 100,000 In Month About 100,000 people enrolled in health insurance through the web federal government exchange last month, from October even while a group of U a roughly four-fold increase.S. Government and contractor programmers was repairing the troubled Affordable Care Action website, said a person familiar with plan's improvement .