By adopting the Allergan name for the organization we will ensure that our corporate identity reflects the dramatic evolution of our firm within the pharmaceutical sector,’ said Brent Saunders, CEO and President of Actavis.’For a lot more than 65 years, the Allergan name provides represented invention in branded pharmaceuticals, a committed action to bringing the best medicine to life and a solid partnership with physicians.The Actavis name has represented our global commitment to leadership in generic, branded generic and OTC pharmaceuticals and to increased access to less expensive prescription drugs for consumers all over the world. Jointly, our combined company will be equally centered on developing new medicines that match unmet medical needs in critical therapeutic classes, along with increasing global access to high quality, affordable medicines.You could also want to use some acne treatment products to tackle the disease. Benozoyl Peroxide is frequently found in acne treatment as it helps to start pores and to eliminate dead skin cells. Low concentrations of Benozolyl Peroxide utilized over a period of a couple weeks may help you to get rid of white heads and blackheads, however, not the cysts of cystic acne. In treating cystic pimples you can use Isotretinoin . This preparation functions by shutting down the production of the sebum which causes the problem.