Rebuilding, retooling, moving forward.

Hello all!!, I know it’s been a while from the last update from our page. It’s been a busy season for most. Mtn. Bike racing, road racing, gravel grinding. Now the door has opened for our favorite time of year. Cross!!!!! is here!!!!!. But before we get into the meat and potatoes, let’s rewind a bit. For the upcoming CX season AVLCX made the hard call to retire the Katie Cash Truck from active duty. We then moved forward and purchased a trailer to haul our gear in. We loaded all our stakes, P.A. equipment, flag, and other goodies and towed her to the Liberty Bike parking lot. Feeling good and looking ahead we went on with our day to day lives. Then about 3 plus weeks away from the Bent Creek race I got a text from Cameron saying to give him a call. The call was a kick in the privates. The trailer had been stollen right out from under our noses. ( Insert a multitude of curse words that came flowing from my mouth).

When life deals you lemons you take the lemons and throw them right back at the person who gave you the lemons in the first place. First thing we did was to move on getting our stakes back together. We got 600 ordered pronto and used Liberty Bikes as the drop point. The thing that really sucked was that our P.A. was gone. We knew we had to have something for Bent Creek. A cross race with no music and a annoying M.C. (me) would not be the proper way to open the season. Enter Tom V. This guy is more connected than the Mob. Some how he knew a friend who works at the Asheville Humane Society who told him that they had a P.A. system they never use. They donated it to us, and “man the thing pumps” So somehow the stars aligned and we pulled off Bent Creek like there was never a hitch. We had a great turn out and The Bent Creek Community Park had their 5K and pig pickin on the same day. We at AVLCX were very thankful for our cycling community who reached out to us in our time of need. It shows once again how tight knit our cycling community is in looking out for each other. That being said let’s look forward. Our next race will be at Kolo bike park. This course is a true tester combining power climbs and some technical sections. As always use to get signed up. In the next post AVLCX will be talking about our new venue at REEB ranch Oscar Blues.. Stay tuned.. And thanks for your support of our clinics and our races. Cheers.. and heres to a great upcoming sreason.