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Several presentations focus on feasible causes and contributing elements to this complex condition. The initiation and progression of IPF may involve dysregulation of the normal procedure for cell death in specific types of lung cells. Treatments that can restore normal cell loss of life of fibrotic cells and normal regeneration of airway-lining epithelial cells are a major concentrate of current IPF research. Related StoriesNew clinical trial on breast malignancy may help treat and control diseaseMedUni Vienna experts discover genetic cause of a rare diseaseMoffitt Malignancy Center study finds hyperlink between common gene mutations and tumor immune surveillanceGenetic factors involved with IPF are another essential area of research.AHF currently provides medical care and/or services to more than 65,000 individuals in 22 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean and Asia.. 3 Issues That Hold Veterans From Healing From Post Traumatic Stress Although there are multiple reasons that veterans can suffer from Post Traumatic Stress, just like a violent childhood, often it is the total result of armed service service or military sexual trauma. Veterans may have problems with one or more acts of trauma that result in Post Traumatic Stress.