S experience in targeted drug discharge profiles and strong technical know-how in pellet-covering.

The business's strong proprietary product portfolio of oral dose formulations, transdermal parenterals and formulations suits many therapeutic markets which range from analgesics and anti-infectives to chronic diseases. These technologies are particularly useful in innovator/branded drug reformulations, as they could be pursued under the 505 regulatory pathway for faster, lower-cost product development with higher authorization probability. ‘Acino, with its proprietary transdermal delivery ODTs and systems is best positioned to target a wide patient population, including geriatric, paediatric, as well as adults and adolescents with swallowing problems,’ said Frost & Sullivan Senior Study Analyst Aiswariya Chidambaram.Women who are HIV-positive should receive antiretroviral medications throughout their being pregnant and during labor, and their newborns should receive antiretroviral medicine for the first six weeks of existence. Delivery by Caesarean section can also reduce risk of transmitting of the virus to the newborn, but should be performed if required for the mother’s wellness or if the mother’s degree of virus in the bloodstream is high. With optimal care, the chance of transmission is often as low as 1 %, Brady said. There is also a risk connected with conception of the child, Brady noted. Though transmission of HIV from an infected woman to an uninfected male partner isn’t universal during unprotected sex, it can happen.