Scientific society of 12 approximately.

WHEN: October 22, 2009 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM EDT CONTACT: For additional information about the workshop, also to register, visit To set up an interview with the Webinar conductor please contact Joe Catapano at 703-248-4772 or .. AAPS to present eLearning Webinar on Nanotechnology in Drug Development and Design Learning opportunity gives summary of submicron systems, addresses analytical issuesWHO: The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists is a specialist, scientific society of 12 approximately,000 members used in industry, academia, federal government and other study institutes world-wide.For example, DHS enables exemptions to specific sectors, like wastewater treatment plant life. Huge amounts of toxic chlorine move without inspection in some industries, while some are more closely watched. This allows government regulators to wink at certain industries, creating something of corruption. Also, the DHS may have strict rules on a chemical substance like ammonium nitrate, but there are in least 12 other chemical substances enjoy it that can fly under the radar and be seized for explosive produce.