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There was no significant interaction between your two interventions assessed in the trial with respect to the primary outcome of death or bronchopulmonary dysplasia as assessed possibly based on the physiological definition or according to the dependence on any supplemental oxygen at 36 weeks . There was no significant conversation between gestational-age stratum and treatment strategy with respect to the primary result , and there is no significant between-group difference in the price of the primary outcome in either gestational-age group stratum. Secondary Outcomes More infants in the CPAP group than in the surfactant group were alive and clear of the necessity for mechanical ventilation by day 7 , and infants in the CPAP group required fewer times of ventilation than did those in the surfactant group .Before transplantation, we detected low antibody titers in Patients 1, 3, and 7; no anti-C7 antibodies have been detected since transplantation. Chimerism Assessments After transplantation, all patients had complete substitute of the marrow and blood by donor lymphohematopoietic cells. Moreover, all individuals had evidence of donor cells in your skin, with a median of 20 percent becoming of donor origin. The %age of donor cells varied between time points and with the biopsy site .