Sven Ove Samuelsen.

Women whose first day of pregnancy fell between October 1 and December 31 were considered to have been subjected to the pandemic from the initial day of pregnancy until delivery. Exposure to influenza was thought as a connection with a primary treatment physician that led to a diagnosis of influenza . Pregnant women were considered to have already been exposed to influenza from the full day of diagnosis until delivery. If there have been multiple consultation dates through the main pandemic wave, the 1st visit was used. The immunization registry provided information on two types of pandemic influenza vaccine against the Apdm09 strain: a vaccine with adjuvant and one without adjuvant . Pregnant women were regarded as unexposed to the vaccine from the first day of pregnancy until the day of vaccination also to come in contact with the vaccine from your day of vaccination until delivery.Obstruction of 1 or both ureters can be caused by the following: Kidney stone, usually just on one side Cancers of the urinary tract organs, kidney tumor or cancer, or structures near the urinary system that may obstruct the outflow of urine Medications Obstruction at the bladder level could be caused by the next: Bladder stone Enlarged prostate Blood clot Bladder cancer Neurologic disorders of the bladder impairing its ability to contract Treatment consists of relieving the obstruction.