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Utilizing a particular phenotyping and hematologic approach for patient selection, we confirmed that neutralizing interleukin-5 with mepolizumab can be effective in a subpopulation of sufferers with serious eosinophilic asthma.1,2,4,18 In this study, we used a closed-testing procedure to adjust for multiple comparisons with respect to the secondary and primary outcomes. Differences in the prices of exacerbations in the two mepolizumab groups, in comparison with the placebo group, had been significant after adjustment. Among patients receiving subcutaneous mepolizumab, the decrease in the price of exacerbations leading to an emergency division visit or hospitalization was significant after adjustment for multiple tests .The experts discovered that in a study of 907 doctors, regarding 25,250 patients, simply over half of male patients and not even half of female patients were assigned appropriate LDL targets. Patients were more likely to be given correct targets if indeed they had a brief history of heart attacks, coronary artery disease, with or without bypass surgery, and diabetes. Nevertheless, doctors were much more likely to underestimate women’s risk and assign them incorrect targets. For instance, despite an identical history with a recent heart attack, almost 68 percent of males and only 60 percent of women received appropriate treatment targets for LDL decreasing. Professor Heribert Schunkert, who led the intensive research, said that if more doctors followed existing recommendations on cholesterol-reducing targets they could prevent a greater number of heart disease-related incidents such as heart attacks, strokes and deaths.