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Before nutritional factors behind beriberi were established, however, physicians of ancient Asia thought the disease was some sort of plague. In America, the term ‘redneck’ actually comes from a vitamin B insufficiency that triggered heightened susceptibility to sunburns. Interestingly, most People in america are, today, deficient in B vitamins as well, making them rednecks technically. It explains why many people are so quickly sunburned also.Aerocrine net sales increase 10 percent to SEK 93.5m for January – December 2011 Aerocrine : January – December 2011 Global Net sales grew by 10 percent to SEK 93.5m .7m , corresponding to a loss per share before dilution of SEK 1.4 . The increased loss was primarily powered by investments in the US, the cost of the Long Term Incentive plans and expenses linked to the appointment of the brand new CEO. October – December 2011 Net sales grew by 35 percent to SEK 29.1m .7m , corresponding to a loss per talk about before dilution of SEK 0.5 Aerocrine’s FeNO technology is regular practice in NHANES data by the CDC, Middle of Disease Control, to define airway inflammation in US populace. An EGM was held on November 16th where it was decided to implement a new incentive program as well as electing Thomas Eklund as a new member of the board.