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Natalizumab Therapy Intravenous natalizumab therapy was initiated in January 2007. After 4 a few months of treatment, the patient’s only neurologic symptom was a slight tingling feeling in his right hands, and the only finding on neurologic examination was exaggerated leg reflexes . From April 2007 through March 2008, the patient had no relapses and had no relative side effects of natalizumab therapy. A routine MRI scan acquired in January 2008 was interpreted as showing no new multiple sclerosis lesions and no increase in lesion burden. In retrospect, in July 2008 once the diagnosis of PML had been established, a new, small MRI signal modification was evident in the proper motor cortex . Within January 2008 This finding indicates that the JC virus infection was probably, 3 months prior to the onset of symptoms approximately.To identify genetic differences that may underlie this uncommon ability, Florencia Pereyra, MD, at the Ragon Institute founded the International HIV Controllers Study ( in 2006, with a goal of enrolling 1,000 HIV controllers from medical treatment centers and research institutes around the world. That objective was expanded to 2,000 controllers in 2008, and far over 1 thus,500 controllers have been enrolled.’ Bruce Walker, MD, director of the Ragon Institute is definitely a co-senior writer of the Science along with Paul de Bakker, PhD, of the Broad Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. ‘Under the leadership of Pereyra, a lot more than 300 investigators at over 200 institutions around the world contributed to the Technology study.e.