“Tis” the season….

Well as I sit here and write this, it is currently 85 degrees outside and something like 900% humidity. This can only mean one thing. Cross season is upon us….. Greetings from AVLCX!! Have not not spoken to you all sense our great Mtn. Sports Festival weekend opener. Great crowds and great racing as always. Just when we think the turn out might not be that great, boom!! we set a new racer turn out record. Cyclocross is as strong as ever in our area and we are looking forward to another great season. Last Wednesday we hosted our first clinic at Bent Creek park and the turnout was great. 35 or so folks showed up and managed to get one in before the rains came. We are on for every Wednesday leading right up to the first race of the season right back at Bent Creek park. This years schedule is up, and you can view it through the pre-reg website on our home page. We are very excited about some new stuff this year. The first being our Oskar Blues race out at the REEB ranch.. Hopefully mother nature will smile on us this year and spare us the epic rains that fell on the course last year causing us to reschedule. This year will feature the Dirt Diggler Gravel Grinder on Saturday as well as events going on at the ranch on both Saturday and Sunday…The cross race will take place on Sunday. So if you are feeling extra hard, grind gravel on Saturday, then blow the legs out on Sunday with some cross action.

We have also adopted a fourth venue this year. We will be hosting the Mars Hill race in December. The times for this race maybe subject to change due to the collegiate racing, but fear not they will be the only ones needing a USAC license that day. The rest of the day is USAC free meaning no getting hosed for a license.. So as you can see the racing is fast approaching so come on out and kick off the cob webs through the month of August. The clinics are being led by Tristan Cowie and Josh Whitmore who so generously lend their time to help promote and grow the CX sport. Don’t worry if you are new to CX. We will have the upper field to work on the basics again this week and through out if we need to. Remember AVLCX is all about having fun and promoting the sport we love. Hope to see you all this week and this racing season.