To time it is not known how EUS-FNA compares with mediastinoscopy.

General, mediastinoscopy and EUS-FNA possess inherent limitations and they should be seen as complementary in the regional staging of NSCLC. These preliminary results suggest that EUS-FNA, a novel, minimally invasive staging procedure for lung cancer, may improve the preoperative staging due to the complementary reach of EUS-FNA in detecting mediastinal lymph node metastases and the ability to assess mediastinal tumor invasion. Nevertheless, the occurrence of false-positive EUS-FNA findings in selected cases needs to be further investigated, the researchers conclude.. A preoperative testing strategy can help determine stage of lung cancers more accurately A preoperative testing strategy combining two procedures will help improve the accuracy of determining the stage of lung malignancy, according to articles in the August 24/31 problem of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association.The archiving option is founded on the Acuo Systems DICOM Services Grid Software. The Acuo VNA archives medical images from sources through the entire Allina business, enabling system-wide efficiencies, enhancing access to critical medical imaging, and raising system reliability, resulting in lower total price of possession, quicker response time, and improved patient care. Acuo Technology’ integrated medical imaging option, the DICOM Services Grid, allows Allina to gain control greater than 100 terabytes of existing medical imaging data, in addition to providing a flexible image management level managing all potential DICOM medical imaging articles.