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The doctors represented by Tenet Physicians Inc. Include traditional primary care specialties , as well as surgical and medical specialties. Newman, M.D., Tenet’s chief operating officer. Tenet’s facilities and its affiliated doctors have been integral parts of Aetna’s networks for many years. We’re glad our members will continue to access their quality healthcare solutions, said Carl King, head of Aetna National Networks and Contracting Solutions.. Aetna, Tenet sign new multi-year agreement to access quality health care services Today that they have signed a new multi-year agreement Tenet Healthcare Company and Aetna announced.Outcomes of the Northwestern study claim that unsupervised walking exercise, such as for example that performed at home, also slows progression of PAD. The researchers tested participants’ physical capability by measuring the distance they could walk in 6 moments and by observing their capability to get right up from a seat unassisted; how well they preserved stability in a standing placement; and how fast they could walk over a brief distance.