Unique is being offered in five megastores in the Onofre network.

‘We listen to the news and seek to provide what’s most distinctive to your customers,’ says Mark Arede, Industrial Director of Drogaria Onofre. According to the executive Also, ‘the network bet on the achievement of the partnership because of the synergy of the merchandise with the target market of the megastores.’.. Acme Brazil distributes Unique by Normal Sensation condoms through Drogaria Onofre network Acme Brasil Distribuidora e Importadora Ltda is very happy to announce that Unique by Normal Sensation make of condoms is now available in Drogaria Onofre. Unique is being offered in five megastores in the Onofre network, four in Sao Paulo and one in Porto Alegre.It reduces free of charge radicals also. 3. Green Tea – It’s a wholesome drink with irritation fighting antioxidants. Green tea extract can lower down your weight and brings glow to your skin also. Dermatologists recommend to consume decaffeinated tea to avoid cancer related problems. 4. Chia Seeds – A shake of blueberries, chia and banana seeds is quite healthy for epidermis and overall body. Chia Seeds are abundant with Omega 3, antioxidants, protein and fiber. If you add coconut water, it will do wonders as coconut water has electrolytes and four situations more potassium than bananas. This shake is easy to create and have tons of healthy enzymes that will hydrate your body and will provide a rich feel.