Video Games May Make Women Pile Up A LOT MORE THAN Points: TUESDAY.

Playing computer games had not been associated with weight gain in men. Further research is required to determine why only women seemed to put on weight, Thomee said. She and her co-workers said the findings claim that young ladies who play video games may be an important target group for applications to prevent weight gain. The study, which did not prove that video games cause women to get weight, was published in the journal BMC Public Wellness recently.. Video Games May Make Women Pile Up A LOT MORE THAN Points: – TUESDAY, Sept. 29, 2015 – – Young women, beware: Playing computer games might pack on the pounds, new study suggests.Non-e of these individuals had neutralizing antibodies. Discussion In individuals treated with high-dose inhaled oral glucocorticoids with or without maintenance oral glucocorticoids for asthma control, treatment with mepolizumab reduced exacerbations by half approximately, improved quality of life, and led to better asthma control. Both subcutaneous and intravenous doses were effective and had acceptable side-effect profiles. In a previous research,11 mepolizumab did not produce a significant benefit, but patients weren’t selected on the basis of frequent exacerbations, treatment with high dosages of inhaled glucocorticoids, or a specific blood eosinophil count.