We list key people who made headlines this year.

We list key people who made headlines this year, either by taking a stand for what they saw as right or by stopping what they felt was incorrect. Jenny Rohn Most essential Threats of spending budget cuts can keep some researchers paralyzed by tension. But for Rohn, a cell biologist at University College London, proposed cuts to technology funding were a call to action. September In, she launched the Research is essential campaign, which rallied several thousand people for a one-day protest beyond your UK Treasury building. When the federal government finalized austerity measures, allocations for science had been dealt a lighter blow than other sectors.318.

100,000 Iraqi civilians have died because of the March 2003 invasion Public-health professionals from the USA and Iraq estimate that around 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the March 2003 invasion-the majority getting violent deaths among females and children relating to military activity. Results of the research, carried out among clusters of Iraqi households last month, is definitely published on the web by THE LANCET. Les Roberts and co-workers did a study to investigate the result of the Iraq war on civilian deaths by comparing mortality during the 14.6 months before the March 2003 invasion with the 17.8 months after it. The investigators interviewed a total of 988 households from 33 selected neighbourhoods of Iraq randomly; in those households reporting deaths since January 2002, the date, cause, and circumstances of violent deaths had been recorded.